order of attraction

It occurs by chance
Inevitable and sure
As the day fades
A light goes on
I stick to the plan
Sure order of the day
Mercy and grace are mine
I know it well
The law of attraction
Takes its course as usual
I love it, I go to it
I think of it, it becomes mine
A resolved thinker I become
I trust my deep sense of believe
I live by it
I will keep it closer, closer than bae
The first step of courage
The first foot on the floor
The first foot on the dew
Reflection through your being
It is irreversible
I read to live
That’s my domain.
By Ms Maurine

Ragwe Mission

The past five days have been rejuvenating in terms of psychology, physicality, and spirituality. I have been away in Ragwe, Homabay – Kenya,  from my norm of being in the big city.

In a small society, Nazareth Children’s Home, who have had the privilege of hosting this years Regional April Camp. Before I arrived here five days ago, I felt tired, worn out and ready to throw in the towel. I took this opportunity to be with the kids in a reluctant manner. And on I went. 

Its was a longer travel; 8 hours to be precise.

When Harrison picked me from the bus station, the rays were majestically cat-walking over the horizon and for sure I didn’t know what to expect. We drove through the vastness of this new place giving me all kinds green alert levels. Yet still I was making the journey. I was here, now.

It was roughly past 7am (EAT) when I finally stepped foot into this ‘nothing of a place’ compound. I took tea. Started familiarizing myself with the to be family for the rest of the week. But, I expected more. Sorry to me I wasn’t going to get it. What I got for the day was the games captain. It didn’t take long to assimilate into the system. It was boring. The turn out was low. I felt city sick but I did my best.

Day one, day two and I was pushing myself really hard. I didn’t feel the grove. I still did my best. I offered 6every idea I had, every effort I could make I did and by the third and forth day the Lords will was done. I was giving my everything and the Lord was using me.

The team was a well oiled machine. The kids were really receptive. I made a new friend; Zipporah Ntabo.  She is amazing. She has a way with the kids. By the way they feted her the best teacher. Games, morning devotions, Bible hours, group discussion and so on and its Saturday. 

Most kids have accepted Christ at the camp fire. The Lord has turned this place into his hunting grounds. I have learnt that I should not confine God into my usual Church, the big city or my feelings and way of action. He will surprise you.  I feel blessed. I madly shout out to Harrison,  Elijah, Zipporah and Justus. 
I feel refreshed out of the experience of knowing, growing and showing. I look forward forward to next weeks camp at Naivasha. 

Holy Easter Holiday.

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